We hope everyone can come and help reach 1,250 children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As you know the boxes we will be packing will be for a special access country.  On that night we will have a special guest from a special access country with us to share her story and how a simple gift coupled with the message of God’s love can change a life.

In order to meet our goal we need a number of items to complete quality gifts that will be given in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here is what we need: We would love to have all donations dropped of by Wednesday October 18.

Dolls: 49
Stuffed animal: 611
Toy cars, trucks etc.: 96
Toys for  Boys (age 5-9): 28
Toys for Boys (age 10-14): 210  (we have soccer balls for all boys 10-14 but need other toys)
Notebooks: 166

If you would prefer to make a financial donation items can be purchased on your behalf.  Please pray and ask what God would have you do.

Also there will be a yard sale at Seahorse Cove, located at 4636-A Arendell Street in Morehead City.  Proceeds from the yard sale with go t

If you have any questions feel free to call Gwen Davis at 252-725-0435 or Archie Davis at 252-241-1199